Jonah Hex

    Greatest Bounty Hunter of the West

    Jonah Hex is a fictional comic book character in the world of DC Comics created writer John Albano. He was an officer in the Confederacy during the American civil war and fought in many famous battles like Gettysburg.

    The right side of his face is horrible scared, in the comic book series his scared face can be traced back to when he was sold into slavery by his father to the Apache Indians for safe passage through Indian country. While in captivity he saved the chief from being eaten by a Lion and was made an honorary member of the tribe this came with more freedoms within the tribe. But as all these stories go there is always an unhappy party to someone elses happiness and a woman involved so in this case it was the Chiefs biological son who was very jealous of Hex because they both had affection for the same woman and the woman, White Fawn seemed to prefer Hex’s attention, so the chief’s son and betrayed him and left him for dead while they were both out on a raid. Hex felt betrayed and joined the Confederate army and serves for many years he eventually returned to the village and challenged the chiefs son which didn’t go hex’s way either the chief’s son cheated during the challenge and Hex was blamed for breaking the rules of the sacred battle and was sentenced to wear the Mark of the Demon which was done by pressing a searing hot Tomahawk [A Native American Axe] to his face and expelled from the tribe the only thing that prevented the tribe from killing him was his relationship to the chief.

    Being on his own yet again Hex spent a lot of time at the bottom of a bottle drowning in his misery, on one such night stumbling out of a saloon he came across an outlaw called "Mad Dog" Lucas McGill attacking a woman and even in his drunken stupor he was able to upholster his guns which are .44 caliber Colt dragoon pistols and kill Mad Dog right there on the street after which a Deputy approached him and thanked him for the service and also told Hex that he could make a lot of money tracking down criminals for money, and thus was Born Jonah Hex, Bounty Hunter. In the upcoming movie adaptation Jonah Hex will be played by Josh Brolin, also staring is Megan Fox. The movie is written by John Albano and Tony Dezuniga and directed by Jimmy Hayward.


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