Tron Legacy

    Tron is a classic its one of the first computer generated movies, it’s about Kevin Flynn who is a hacker and games arcade owner was an employee of a company called ENCOM, he is convinced his former boss who is a senior exec at ENCOM has stolen some of his prototype video games and he wants poof of that to get it to the authorities. His plan to find his proof is to hack into ENCROMs mainframe but is ex boss Ed Dillinger has a super security program named the Master controller thwarts all his efforts to break into the mainframe. Now this Master controller is a real piece of work as it controls most of the mainframes computer systems, Kevin knowing he was beat enlisted the help of his ex girlfriend Lora and her boyfriend Alan Bradley who happens to be a genius computer programmer to break into ECROM and shut down the master controller with Alan’s security program “TRON”. But as usual things are not that east the Master controller uses Lora’s matter transmission program which converts Kevin into data and sends him into the computer system, Kevin emerges into a world where the Master Controller is Lord of everything, his right hand side man is known as Sark, computer programs are running wild. While in this alternate world Kevin goes through many trails but with the help of Tron and his girlfriend Yori they set out the destroy the Master Controller to liberate the system and find his way back to the real world

    Kevin was played by Jeff bridges and the movie was directed by Steven Lisberger. This new adaptation called Tron 2.0 which has been renamed Tron Legacy is basically the same storyline which is trying to take down the master controller and get out of the artificial world back to the real world but better because the graphics they had in 1982 has nothing on the stuff they have now.

    Came across this clip and I had to share. I remember watching the original Torn, I must have been about 10years old, what stuck with me about the movie from all those years ago was the lights, there were a lot of lights and to a 10year old that was an amazing light show.


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