Social Networking and Privacy

    Sometimes i wonder how the world functioned before we had tools like facebook, twitter, etc because now its so much a part of almost all our lives that its kind of scary. I know people that cannot function unless they have their dose of facebook for however many hours they require.

    But like everything it has its upside and its downside, upside will be we get to keep in touch with friends, family, etc, we also get to document quite publicly the escapades we get up to be it a vacation, a night out or just horsing around with a camera. Another very important upside is advertising on these tools, those ads will be seen by millions of people even if they don't go on to buy whatever product curiosity determines that they will click on to see what its about.

    Downside will be we spend hours on these tools not don't anything really constructive save for "stalking" people finding out where that have been, who they have been with, what they were wearing or how drunk they ended the night all this of course is documented with pictures which are posted on these sites for all the world to see. Personally i don't have any issues with that but i do take offence when someone comes to me with attitude because a picture where him/her was in the background was posted on my page, that is so not cool.....


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