Movie Review: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - I'm sure more than half of the world knows about it and at least half has already seen it me included. The plot is just your normal boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy and girl try to get together and all hell breaks loose and giant robot had to save the world but its a whole lot more than that.Michael Bay really pulled out all the stops on this one. According to "Director Michael Bay ups the ante on his 2007 hit Transformers by hurling even more massive amounts of swirling, twirling, machine-crunching robot action onto the screen. Industrial Light & Magic’s photo realistic CGI ‘bots interact seamlessly with star Shia La Beouf and other cast members against a backdrop of huge explosions and military firepower."

    We went to see Transformers a few weeks ago, personally I'm no film critic but i know what i like and i must say if i had to describe the movie in one word it would be "Awesome" but that is just me since I'm no professional ill give you a bit of what they say courtesy of

    • “It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever… It’s bigger. Badder. Boobier. And many other words beginning with B, including boneheadedly brilliant… And that, readers, is Michael Bay’s latest film in a nutshell. Stupid and proud.” [News of the World]
    • “In terms of explosions, firepower and sheer shrill, all-action, popcorn entertainment it is hard to see how this big’n'bold sequel can be topped this year. Star Trek might have had more spaceships and aliens and Terminator: Salvation more grim-faced robots, but this Michael Bay summer blockbuster is pure mindless adventure mayhem that sticks firm and hard to its winning formula. In truth, it is a film for teen boys – and a bloomin’ long one at that – but is also a guaranteed multiplex crowd pleaser.” [ TV]
    • “Unlike the summer’s other big robot movie, Revenge Of The Fallen does have a personality, but it’s a frightfully detestable one. It celebrates all the wrong things with ferocious gusto, marking a new type of low for blockbusters.” [SciFiNow]
    • “Similarly, Revenge Of The Fallen shares its predecessor’s tin ear for the spoken word. Dialogue, as if it even matters, is delivered at breakneck speed and is barely audible amongst the cacophony of metal on metal. What can be heard isn’t much worth listening to – it doesn’t feel much like a script, rather a transcription of Action Man’s greatest pull-string catchphrases. In Michael Bay’s universe, soldiers really do say “Bring the rain!” and villains really do snarl “This isn’t over!” But come on. Like you even care”. [The Shiznit]
    • “For all its faults, Fallen is genuinely more enjoyable than the summer’s other giant-robot picture Terminator Salvation. In contrast to McG’s portentous, po-faced tone, Bay works in a likeable strain of knowing humour that makes the two hour-plus running time fly by.” [Total Film]
    • “Don’t get us wrong, we love Michael Bay and the particular grab-bag of delights only he can bring to blockbuster movies; huge explosions; quick, intense dialogue; lingering, pornographic shots of both girls’ asses and military hardware. 90 minutes of Bay-ness makes for a thrilling flick, but if the clock starts ticking past the two hour mark and beyond, it all becomes just too much; your mind and senses need a rest.” []
    I just want to encourage you guys to take time out to see this movie because i promise you will not be disappointed


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